Tool Review: Harbor Freight Threaded Insert Tool

To install my turbo-style fender flares I used a threaded insert tool (also referred to as a riv-nut, rivet-nut or threaded rivet) as opposed to pop-rivets or nuts and bolts. The threaded inserts are fed onto the rivet tool, pushed through a pre-drilled hole and then pressed into place. Squeezing the rivet gun bends and flanges the insert into the bodywork so that it is pinched in place and doesn’t move. Then you just simply screw in your bolt/screw and you are set.

The Harbor Freight Threaded Insert Riveter I purchased was a measly $13.99. However, it came with 40 threaded inserts and a couple interchangeable nose pieces allowing you to install multiple sized inserts. I also picked up an extra couple bags of inserts just in case I fudged it up a bit.

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Turbo flare installation or Welcome to Bondo-ville

As Uber’s rear arches were finally turning to oxide Wheaties, I opted to take the easy way out. Cut out the rot, weld up the holes and install fiberglass turbo-style flares. In theory it sounded easier than welding in new stock quarter panels. Turned out the easy way was only slightly less difficult.

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