La porte de fromage suisse

So quite a bit of rusty rot was lurking along the bottom of the driver side door. Rather than spend time hunting down a door and driving to where ever to pick it up, I reached for my MIG and spare box of sheet metal and got to welderin’.

You can see in the picture below the little pathetic strip of metal that remained. Overall the door was still operable but had one two small patches a previous owner had welded in. I’m going to seal those up, bondo ’em and call it done. Most of the rest of the rust has been sanded and sealed as well.

New metal is tacked in and will be finished up when I can get a day to weld outside. I’ve got no room to weld in the garage at this point. Luckily the passenger side door is in decent shape and should move along quicklier than this one.