TurningWrench is the diary of a mostly self-taught and mostly fumbling automotive enthusiast’s trek into the world of car repair and restoration. With my meager collection of tools, countless hours under the hood and the help of folks vastly more knowledgeable than myself, I’ve managed to keep a couple of old BMWs on the road.

I’ve always been a fan of taking things apart. When I was a kid I’d often dismantled toys, walkmans, radios…pretty much any broken piece of hardware. I started working on mountain bikes when I was in college. After graduation I moved to vintage Japanese motorcycles and a few years ago started fiddling with old cars. But as most auto shops despise working on older cars, I started learning how to fix almost everything on my BMW 2002s by myself. Welding, bodywork and painting are my next hurdles to overcome.

I’ve created this website as a dedication to all the novices out there. For all of you who have swapped out a tie-rod while laying in a gravel parking lot, built your own wheel bearing puller or have painted a fender in your front yard…this is for you.

Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment or two. And if you have a question about anything on the site, please feel free to contact me! Or, if you’re into vintage car photography, please visit my Flickr page too.


This site would not be possible were if not for the help of a handful of car buddies and computer gurus. I’d like to say thanks to my good friend wb for his help figuring out some web issues. A big thanks also goes out to everyone at the BMW2002faq. Without the combined knowledge of that wonderful resource I’d still be trying to decipher the Haynes manual.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Great to find your site, Brad!
    I’m considering purchasing (another) 1991 E30 325i convertible. This one would have 5 speed, which is what I want.

    I’ll be checking your site for ideas on restoration. It has a serious steering fluid leak to start with. I’ll know more later if i buy it.


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