MOMO steering wheel installation in a BMW 2002

I recently sprang for a MOMO Prototipo and new MOMO hub set for the red 2002.  A friend sold me a barely used Prototipo and the installation was pretty easy.

So when the time came to get a fancy new wheel for the turkis (blue) 02 I opted for an eBay search for a vintage wheel.  I never really cared for the Alpina 4 spoke wheel, something about that center pad bothers me.  But, I did find the same wheel (a MOMO Sigma A38) for sale in Portugal without the Alpina center pad.  And, while I had the dash apart to install it I snapped some photos.  (As a side note I find the 350mm Prototipo to be a little small both in wheel diameter and thickness of the wheel itself.  However it does give me a little more leg room in the 2002.  The MOMO A38 is a little larger in diameter and has a thicker grip.)  

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