02 cupholder mod

My buddy Mike from Raleigh came up with a clever way to install a set of after market cupholders in his BMW 2002. Mike says:

After years of my wife riding around with me and saying “You make everything else, why can’t you make us some cupholders for these little cars!” I got to rummaging around at Advanced Auto today and saw these little soft pockets. It reminded me of the soft pocket that my wife has in the MINI console where she throws everything so I grabbed a couple and thought I would give it some thought. Pics show the little mount I fabbed up with some steel rod which mounts to the end of the console using the existing console screws.

Check ’em out:

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Turkis driver side quarter panel

After a month of inactivity in the garage due to traveling and hosting friends, I finally got back to work on the car. The driver side rear quarter panel had initially looked as though it could get by with just a bit of bond-o work. But upon further inspection I decided to just chop out the damaged/body-filled section and weld in a patch just as I did for the passenger side.

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